Hôtel de France

Félix welcome you to the Hôtel de France in Vatan, village étape
in the Indre halfway between Chateauroux and Bourges near Beauval Zoo.


Vatan Tourist Information Centre: http://www.vatan-en-berry.com

1 – Halle au blé.
2 – Musée du Cirque.
3 – Grange aux dimes
4 – St-Laurian Church
5 – The Deanery
6 – La Poterne
8 – La Chantrerie
9 – The Town Hall.

Office de tourisme de Vatan

Vatan – Village étape



Château de Bouges :


In the heart of The Champagne Berrichonne, visit the refined 18th-century Italian style Château de Bouges.

Château de Bouges
Château de Valençay

Château de Valençay :


The Château de Valençay is located at Valençay, in the Indre. It was owned by the Maison d’Estampes from 1451 to 1747, then by the Prince of Talleyrand. Although situated in the Berry, its construction resembles that of the châteaux in the Loire, particularly the Château de Chambord.

Beauval Zoo:


The Beauval zoological park, more commonly known as Beauval Zoo is a zoological park situated at Saint-Aignan in the Loir-et-Cher. With more than 4 600 animals of 400 different species, it is one of the most important zoological parks in Europe. Rated as one of the 15 best zoos in the world by Forbes, Beauval Zoo holds the largest collection of animals in France.

Zoo de Beauval
Canoë parc Nature et Aventure

The Nature and Adventure Park in the heart of the Loire châteaux:


Theme Park : Tree climbing, canoeing, paintball, mini golf, orienteering, …

Pays de Georges Sand

At 3h00 in Paris, in the department of Indre, discover the country of George Sand according to your desires: Cultural heritage, walks and hikes…


Pays de Georges Sand
Parc Naturel de Brenne

Parc Naturel régional de la Brenne


Atelier J-Verre, Souffleur de Verre à Reuilly


Musée du verre
Golf de Sarrays

Golf des Sarrays

Located 30 km from Vatan on the commune of Sainte-Fauste, near Neuvy Pailloux. Tel.: 02 54 49 54 49 49